10 Gadgets That Should Be In Your Kitchen!

10 Gadgets That Should Be In Your Kitchen!

The kitchen is a place where everybody can get creative in making the most delicious dishes. Making those dishes can cost a lot of time, but with the right gadgets you can make it yourself a lot easier! We’ve made you a list with some clever gadgets and awesome kitchen inventions that should be in your kitchen!


 The avacado cutter tool



    Avocado Cutter


    Preparing a avocado gets a lot easier and with more precision than ever with this avocado cutter. This all-in-one tool splits, pits and slices avocados safely and effectively. The soft non-slip grip makes it comfortable in the hand, and it’s dishwasher proof!




    Watermelon cutter knife


    Watermelon cutter knife 


    As you might know, cutting a watermelon can get a bit messy. Not with this knife! It easily slices into your watermelon allowing you to get the most out of it without the mess. The stainless steel is not sharp which makes it fun to use for kids.




    Durable clean leaf shape rice wash




    Getting the water out of the pan after your rice or pasta is done cooking can be a pain in the ass. This kitchen gadget get rid of that problem! Put this leaf shaped colander on the side of your pan, and that is that. Never spil your food in the sink again!




    Vegetable easy cleaner tool


     Cleaner tool


    With this multi functional vegetable & fruit brush cleaning your food will go a lot quicker. This flexible scrubber will follow the contours of the vegetable while the sturdy nubs dislodge dirt in nooks and crannies. Having trouble opening a jar? You can use this gadget for extra grip!




    Strawberry/Tomato huller top leaf remover


    Tomato huller 


    This gadget helps remove the leaves and stem from strawberry, tomatoes and other soft vegetables. It will definitely save a lot of time and mess!




    Easy sushi roller


     Easy sushi roller


    We can all agree making sushi yourself without much experience is pretty difficult. With this easy sushi roller that is a problem of the past. With easy-to-follow instructions, you can create perfectly formed sushi in just a few minutes!




    Smart portable sealer


     Smart portable sealer


    This clever gadget will keep your food fresh until the bag is empty. You simply slide it a long the edge of any bag and its sealed airtight.




    Pancakebot 3D-print


    pancake bot


    If you are not that artistic but still want to make cool pancake’s we found the solution for you! Take a look at the world’s first pancake 3D-printer (really), it can automaticlly make flapjacks in any design you like.




    Deglon meeting knife set



    Don’t have enough room for another knife set? Don’t worry about that.This knife set will fit in every drawer!



    Ferris spice rack



    When you're serious about your spices, you need a tool equally as serious to keep them organized in the kitchen. And the Ferris Spice Rack definitely delivers that in spades, all while looking more whimsical than many less-useful kitchen novelties.