8 Best Camping Gadgets For The Great Outdoors.

8 Best Camping Gadgets For The Great Outdoors.

Camping or going for a hike can be tough, and it will get a lot harder if you haven’t got the right equipment. We've made you a list with some gadgets that could make you're camping experience a lot more fun and some of them could even save your life someday.


Portable Water Purifier Filter Straw




Everybody knows what the most important thing is you need when you go for a hike or try to survive in the wild. Exactly, water. And everybody knows you need to boil your water or use purification tablets to disinfect the water. Not anymore. This lifestraw is made out of 3-stage filtration and removes 99.9% of water born bacteria (E. Coli and Salmonella etc.) Now you can drink straight from any natural water source!



Outdoor Hanging LED Bulb


LED bulb


Are you going for a camping trip, fishing trip or on a outdoor adventure? This is a must have! Fill your tent with soft, diffuse light with the Eco Orb Light. Glow in the dark switch makes it easy to find when you need it most. Just hook on a convenient loop, press and go! The instant hand free light.      



Powerfull Aluminium Slingshot




This high velocity slingshot is made out of aluminium alloy, ABS, natural rubber latex and leather wapper. You can have a lot of great outdoor entertainment with this slingshot! You can use rocks, paintballs etc to shoot with. It's portable and fits in every pocket!



Multifunctional Survival Watch


Multifunctional Survival Watch


This is the perfect watch to take with you for camping, boating, hunting, hiking and other outdoor activities! It's a watch, compass, thermometer, fire starter, paracord that can be unraveled into 12 feet and a whistle. So now you will always find your way back to camp, make a fire, see what temperature it is and whistle for a emergency signal.



The Lazy Laybag




Where ever you go, you can now make yourself comfortable with the lazybag. Just swing the lightweight bag to fill it with air and create a life size lounge seat that you can bring with you any time!



Bicycle Repair Tool Set 15 in 1




This multi function bike tool is portable, lightweight and the perfect accessories for general bike repairs. A must have tool for regular maintenance and emergency repair for cycle enthusiasts.



Pod Tents




Do we really need interconnected tents when you can simply leave your tent and walk over to someone else's? Probably not. does a half dozen tents look more awesome when they're bridged together like a single structure? Absolutely. That's exactly what makes these POD Tents different than your usual camping shelter.



Fully Equiped Mobile Camping Kitchen




Want to bring a portable kitchen to your next camping trip, but not sure where to start? Forget shopping for individual items and just get the CAMP CAMP, which stuffs an entire functional kitchen inside a single wooden container.