8 Best Gadgets For Cats & Dogs!

8 Best Gadgets For Cats & Dogs!

By now you should know that we have a gadget for every kind of person. But what you might didn't know is that we have very cool gadgets for cat and dogs. So if you are a cat/dog owner or you want to surprise one of your friends that owns a cat/dog.. Take a look at our top Cat/Dog products!! 


Cat Pirate Costume 

Give your feline friend yet another reason to loathe your existence by dressing him up in this cat pirate costume. This adorable ensemble goes over your pet’s two front legs and is made from a soft and breathable fabric to provide a comfortable fit.




Superman Dog Costume 

Your dog valiantly defends your home, but if given the chance he would jump at the opportunity to fight crime in the streets! Now you can dress your dog up like the super hero he wishes to be with these super hero dog costumes – available in many different styles. 



Duckface Dog Muzzel

Make your vicious dog look ridiculous and non-threatening with with duckface dog muzzle. If your dog has a problem with biting or being surly, this muzzle will shame him enough so that he won’t be a problem for anyone. He might even quack instead.



Cute Cat Earrings 

Every cat lover should have a pair of these in there jewelry box. Available in different colors so you can match these perfect with every outfit! 




Hammock For Cats & Dogs

The cat hammock is the perfect way to keep your fluffy family member comfy and happy without having to display unsightly pet furniture in the living room. The ingenious design allows you to convert the unused area under any chair into a cozy nook your cat will love.




Cat Window Perch

Give your kitty a panoramic view of his domain as he rests comfortably on the cat window perch. This portable and Humane Society approved perch provides a secluded, safe, and cozy space for your feline friend to relax in.




LED Dog Collar 

Keep your four legged friend visibly safe on those night time walks with the light up dog collar. The latest in pet safety innovation, the collar sports several heavy duty LED lights that illuminate the collar from within – ensuring your pet stays visible in the dead of night.




360 Dog & Cat Washer

Washing all the dirt and grime off Rover has never been easier than with the 360 degree dog washer. Simply add soap and connect to the hose and a string of water jets will wash every inch of filth your pup in less than a minute.