Summer is coming, make the most of it with these 8 Gadgets

Summer is coming, make the most of it with these 8 Gadgets

We are very glad that it is finally spring, but to be honest.. We can't wait for summer to arrive. We've made a list, and it doesn't matter if you are going to have a summer at the beach, a summer while staying at home or a summer filed with party's & festivals. We got you covered with these handy Gadgets!

1. Sand Free Beach Mat

Eliminate the annoyance of sand all over your recreational area when you take the sand free beach mat on your next outing. This extraordinary beach mat is composed of a special material that lets sand slip right through the surface and fall underneath it.


2. Beer Organizer

Get organized with your drinking addiction. The grip on this unobtrusive piece of genius allows you to stack up bottled and canned beer in a neat little pyramid so that you don’t have cans falling on your head when you go in to get a piece of cheese.

3. Wind Inflated Chill Bag

A very comfortable seat or sofa for two. It stays inflated for a very long time and is the perfect lounger to chill, relax, rest, or sleep. For all your activities indoor and outdoor. Travelling. Festivals. Beach trips. Ski trips. The lightweight but strong and durable fabric will ensure that you can use over and over again.

4. Reserved Beach Towel 

Ensure no one takes your spot when you leave it momentarily unattended by laying out this “reserved” beach towel. The towel measures 60 x 30 inches and is made from 100% cotton to ensure a soft feel that won’t irritate sun-kissed skin.

5. Alcohol Breathalyzer 

For the alcoholic on the go, the key chain breathalyzer will help you stay within the confines of the law while you drink yourself into a dark abyss. It makes a great gift idea for college students, or anyone who’s ever starred on an episode of “Intervention”.

6. Beer 6-pack Belt

Get rip roaring drunk without having to constantly venture to the cooler for a refill by wearing the beer belt. This ultra useful accessory sits at the waist and comes equipped with specially designed pouches so you can carry six of your closest frosty friends all at once.

7. Party Glowing Led Earrings 

Instantly brighten up any room you walk into with the light up stud earrings. These glowing gems employ miniature LED lights to make the stud shine brighter than any diamond or other high priced jewel, guaranteeing all eyes remain fixed on your glamorous self.

8. Pineapple Ice Cubes

Add a fruity tropical element to your favorite summertime drink with the pineapple ice cube tray. The silicone tray – shaped like a giant pineapple – makes up to a dozen tiny fruit shaped ice cubes that are perfect for any island themed cocktails.