Top 10 Funniest Gadgets

Top 10 Funniest Gadgets


There are so many fun gadgets, making a list of the best fun gadgets was pretty hard. But we did it! Take a look at these gadgets and we are pretty sure one of these will make your day!


Finger Spinner




Do you always find yourself needing a tangible item to fidget with while thinking? Then this is the perfect item for you! This spinner consist of a custom 3D printed PLA spinner and four bearings. The precious bearings and highest quality PLA frame will give you amazing spin times! It can be held between the thumb/middle finger and spun by the index finger or be used with both hands.

Colorfull Bicycle Lights




If you feel the need to upgrade you bicycle but don't want to spend a lot of money, try these bicycle wheel lights! It will not only make your bike look like it's from the future, it will make the bike better visible for cars and other traffic users!

Fun Stress Cube




The stress cube is an innovative fidget toy designed to reduce stress and improve cognitive performance. The fidget toy revolution of highly addictive desk toys will help you reduce stress and stay focused

Remote Control Flying Fish



If you are done flying your drone, than this is the next step! A remote controlled flying fish. If you want to scare someone, this is the way. Imagine seeing a life size shark flying above your head..

Donald Trump Toilet Paper Roll



The picture says it all!

Electric Shock Pen




The classic shock pen, never gets old! Great way to fool your colleagues or classmates!

Cycling Light Hanging Balls




If you want to stand out while cycling through traffic this is the way! With a pair of glowing ball sack shaped lights hanging from your saddle, everybody will notice you! These were made especially to make people look twice. And let's be honest, you probably would look twice when you see a pair of balls cycling in front of you. Mission accomplished!


Silicone Swimming Fins



If you love to swim, you should have a pair of these swimming fins. Thanks to these fins you will go a lot quicker and it looks pretty cool!

Bicycle Pizza Cutter



A fashionable kitchen accessory guaranteed to make your friends and family laugh! Fast and effortless dual wheel cutting without ruining the surface. It comes with a stand. It wil look good in your kitchen, is great to give as gift for every pizza lover and cyclists!

Minions In-Ear Earphones




These minion in ear-headphones are probable the cutest headphones you will see. Very comfortable thanks to the soft in-ear cushions. Excellent sound quality and super clear sound. Great for kids to wear on there way to school or for the minion lovers out there!