Top 10 Gadgets For Your Car

Top 10 Gadgets For Your Car

It doesn't matter if you have problems keeping your car organized, if you have pits in your windshield or can't play your favorite music in your car. We believe that there's a gadget for everyone. Take a look at our top 10 car gadgets!

Car organizer

For many commuters, keeping your car organized can be a bit of a nightmare. Car-care products, window scrapers, snow brushes, sunglasses, and countless other items are worth keeping somewhere in your vehicle, and yet there never seems to be that perfect place available for any of it. No one ever likes to look disorganized, and thanks to these clever storage solutions, you'll never have to.

Dash Camera

A car crash isn't what you want of course, but catching everything on film is absolutely a must if you want to convince other people it wasn't your fault. With on of these HD Car Dash Cam everything will be filmed.

New A8 Multi-Function Car HUD

Check your driving speed without looking down at the speedometer of your car with this easy-to-install Arestech A8 Multi-function Car HUD Vehicle-Mounted Display. It provides you with clear digital readings that will not only assist you while you drive but would also spice up the interior look of your vehicle.

Microfiber Auto Window Cleaner


For high-up and hard to reach windows, use the Smart microfiber window washer which has a 3-piece telescopic pole with a full length of 135 cm, a bendable angle adapter to clean hard to reach areas, an efficient microfiber fur for cleaning and an adjustable squeegee for drying glass.

Quick Car Windshield Repair Kit



No matter how often you’re on the road, chips or cracks in a windshield are something that’s bound to happen at some point. When this happens, the likelihood of the damage spreading increases with every drive. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean the windshield will need replacement. The Permatex Winshield Repair Kit comes complete with everything required to make professional-quality repairs to bullseye’s and star damage of up to 1 1/4”, including easy to follow instructions and photographs on how to complete the repair.
This quick and easy kit requires no mixing and it is best performed in a shaded area. Once completed, the resin will cure in natural sunlight.

High Capacity Car Jump Starter


With one of these you never have to be afraid of a empty battery. Car emergency start for 20 times. Fast start in the cold weather, Bright lighting for 40 hours, Flashing up for 30 hours, SOS signal for 120 hours, Smartphone full charge more than 10 times, Computer power supply for 3 hours, Size is much smaller than old products, (home and car charger).

Lazy non-slip Windshield Car Mount Holder

Now a days everybody who drives a car need one of these, because it is too dangerous to drive while holding a phone in your hand!!

New Fix It Pro Mending Car Scratch Repair

The fastest scratch repair that safely removes scratches from your car. Finish quickly and easily. A must item for car lovers and drivers, excellent design for clearing coat scratch repair. Non-toxic, permanent, odorless and water resistant. Can be used on any car, or in any color.

Bluetooth Music Receiver Universal 3.5 MM

If you have an older stereo system or speaker dock lying around that doesn't offer wireless streaming, you should definitely take a look at this receiver. You just have to plug it into your Radio connect with your phone via bluetooth and start playing your favorite music in your car!

Black Car Dashboard Sticky Pad Mat


This is brand new dash mat/pad which uses industrial grade non-slip rubber.Put your mobile ipod,cell phone, pens, keys, sun glasses on top for easy access and handy surface.

Super strong stickiness.
Good appearance and best quality.
Reusable, removable, washable, recyclable and environment friendly.
Temperature resistant, no adhesives.
Holding all your digital devices, sunglasses or coin securely on your dash without adhesives or sticky residue.
Mobile can be hold at an angle of 90, it also can be completely inverted,
turned back 180 degrees without falling off.
Leaves no mark, is reusable and can be washed when it gets dirty.