Top 8 Gadgets For Men

Top 8 Gadgets For Men


This week we've made you a list with the top male gadgets in our store. So if you are looking for a cool gift for yourself or to give to your husband or friend. Look no further, because you will definitely will find it in this new blog!


1. Military Tactical Flashlight Torch.

Our UltraFire Cree Q5 6000lm 5-Mode Waterproof Lotus Head LED Flashlight Suit Black is a cost-effective trade-off. Powered by AA/14500 battery, it is stable for long-term working. Its most outstanding feature should be the variable focus, so you can adjust it to meet your demand. Also, with a strap, it is convenient to carry. Most all, this flashlight is suitable for household, outdoor activities, hiking, night fishing, camping, and sailing etc. Seize the chance if you want to buy a high performance and bright light flashlight!


 2. Target Laser Shooting Gun Alarm Clock.


Start your day off with a bang with the Gun and Target alarm clock. This recordable alarm clock features two alarm modes for the shooter. When the alarm sounds, simply aim the gun and shoot once for deactivation in normal mode. In the hard mode, shoot the target five times for the alarm's deactivation. This gun alarm clock also has a 12-hour time display for everyday use. The revolutionary Gun and Target alarm clock has integrated recoil action and sound effects for a realistic feel. Shoot the target from up to 18 feet away. This gun and alarm clock is white with a black target and will fit nicely into almost any decor. The recordable alarm clock runs on six separately purchased AA batteries.


 3. Bathroom Apron for beards.


Cape looks like an inverted umbrella to catch hair clippings as you trim, so neck, clothes and floor are protected, 
save your time to clean the floor and make you relaxed and comfortable
Folding, easy to use and store at home
Fit to the neck and fasten it with the tape fastener


4. Multi Tool Repair. 


The MultiTool Repair Kit Does The Work Of Many Tools, sets of sockets, standard and locking pliers, and an entire range of open end wrenches. Why waste time searching for the correct tool when one socket can do the work of a whole set? The ingenious Gator Grip makes half of your toolbox obsolete! It fits virtually anything.


5. 5 Seconds Fix UV Light Tool.


Flawlessly bond everything from plastic to metal, to split wood and broken glass! Unlike glue and common adhesives, 5 Second Fix  lets you position and reposition until you want to make the weld permanent. There’s no sticky mess and you can even sand or paint just like New!


6. Aluminum Powerful Slingshot.


This high velocity slingshot, made of top aluminium alloy and ABS, top natural rubber latex and top leather wrapper. It is great for outdoor. Use rocks, marbles, paintballs, etc to shoot.

7. Double Side Damaged Screw Extractor Drill.


Nothing is more frustrating than when work is brought to a halt when a screw or bolt breaks on the job. We now have a solution for you with the Double Side Damaged Screw Extractor S2 Alloy Steel+ti Out Remover Bolt Stud Tool, which represent a new generation of tools to easily remove damaged screws and bolts. Designed to remove the screw, pipe and bolts have been damaged. Made of good quality S2 alloy steel+ti material, durable to use. For both left and right hand threads, rapid and portable.


8. Multipurpose Tactical Pen

Multi purpose pen black. With this versatile pen, you are prepared for anything! It not only serves as a high quality writing tool and a stylus for a smart phone or tablet, it also features a glass breaker tip in case of emergency, and can be used as a kubotan for self defense. The sturdy clip keeps it readily accessible at all times, and the screwed on cap prevents accidental separation. The deep finger grooves provide superior comfort. To change the ink cartridge, simply unscrew the pen counter clockwise, to prevent accidental disassembly