Top 8 Gadgets That's Been Added To Our Store In Februari

Top 8 Gadgets That's Been Added To Our Store In Februari


From now on we will write a blog about the top gadgets that we've added the month before every first week of the month. Here is our first selection this year! 

Slime Magnetic Putty 


Made with micron-sized iron-based particles distributed throughout, the astonishing moldable magnetic putty takes on the properties of a magnet itself when placed in close contact with the included neodymium u iron boron magnet. Put it near the magnet and within five seconds, the putty will stretch out to reach te magnet alsmost as it were alive. Press the magnet into it and the whole piece of putty becomes magnetic, able to lift tacks and paperclips on its own after charging in a magnetic field.

It's perfect for science-loving kids, or for any adult that loves intelligent play! Use the magnet to do the "snake charmer" trick. Or leave the magnet on your ball of putty and watch it engulf that magnet in about an hour! What can you do with it? The possibilities are endless! 

 Finger Tri-Spinner


Do you always find yourself needing a tangible item to fidget with while thinking? Then this is the perfect item for you! This spinner consist of a costom 3D printed PLA spinner and four bearings. The precisous bearings and highest quality PLA frame will give you amazing spin times! It can be held between the thumb/middle finger and spun by the index finger or be used with both hands.

LED Water Faucet 7 Colors Changing Glow



Activated by water pressure and turns off automatically with the water, this LED water faucet lights up when you turn on the tap. It transforms the stream of water in 7 different colors. How awesome is that! 

Wheel LED



If you want to pimp up your car, bike or bicycle fast. We got the solution for you! With these wheel LED's you can create a ring of light in your wheel. Simply screw on your tire valve stem. And your done!

Magical Super Powerful Fixate Geld Pads



It can stick your Cell Phone, iPad, Remote Control, Camera, Speakers, Water cup, key Stick to Glass, Mirrors, Whiteboards, Metal, Kitchen Cabinets or Tile, Car, House and many more. To Fix Anything, Anywhere.

Quick Car Windshield Repair Kit



No matter how often you’re on the road, chips or cracks in a windshield are something that’s bound to happen at some point. When this happens, the likelihood of the damage spreading increases with every drive. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean the windshield will need replacement. The Permatex Winshield Repair Kit comes complete with everything required to make professional-quality repairs to bullseye’s and star damage of up to 1 1/4”, including easy to follow instructions and photographs on how to complete the repair.
This quick and easy kit requires no mixing and it is best performed in a shaded area. Once completed, the resin will cure in natural sunlight. 

 Car Back Seat Organizer



Are you tired of trying to keep your car clean? Are your kids constantly leaving clutter lying around your car? Can you never find anything? If this sounds like you, then you need the all-in-one Multi-purpose Car Back Seat Organizer! With 7 pockets available, fit all of your items exactly where you need them to be.

Bathroom Beard Care Trimmer Hari Catcher


Cape looks like an inverted umbrella to catch hair clippings as you trim, so neck, clothes and floor are protected, save your time to clean the floor and make you relaxed and comfortable

* Folding, easy to use and store at home

 * Fit to the neck and fasten it with the tape fastener