Top 8 New Kitchen Gadgets

Top 8 New Kitchen Gadgets

This is our second blog about kitchen gadget, and there's a reason for that. There are just so many kitchen gadgets and why not tell everybody about the most awesome in our blog..?! Yes, take a look at our new kitchen gadgets that we've added to our store! 


1. 60 sec Salad maker 

Preparing a healthy meal is easier than ever when you use the 60 second salad maker. Simply pour the ingredients into the straining bowl, turn the bowl upside down, slice everything up, spin it, then flip the bowl right side up and enjoy!

2. Share Shape Kitchen Knife Sharpener 


Maintain kitchen cutlery sharper than Jaw’s teeth with the shark knife sharpener. The sleek design of the sharpener goes well in any kitchen and provides an amusing way to keep your knife set as sharp as the day you bought them.

3. Slip-on silicone spout

Avoid splashing and spilling the contents of your kitchen pots all over the counter by pouring it using the slip-on silicone spout. This heat resistant spout comes in a slew of vibrant colors and attaches to a variety of mixing bowls, jars, pots, or pans.

4. Bag holder

Fill up zip-lock bags without spilling a single drop by using this hands-free food storage bag holder. It features adjustable arms that hold the ends of the plastic bag upright so that you can easily fill them up without needing any extra assistance.

5. Cake piece slicer 

Never argue again with your family who should get the biggest piece. With this cake slicer you will cut the pie in seconds and everyone will get equal slices!

6. Avocado cutter tool

Preparing a avocado gets a lot easier and with more precision than ever with this avocado cutter. This all-in-one tool splits, pits and slices avocados safely and effectively. The soft non-slip grip makes it comfortable in the hand, and it’s dishwasher proof!

7. Kitchen sponge gloves 

Make cleanup easy by streamlining the dish washing process with help from these sponge tipped rubber gloves. The palms come lined with a thick quality sponge so you can directly scrub using nothing more than you fingers.

8. Easy vegetable holder

Does cutting vegetables creeps you out aswel? Afraid to cut in your fingers? Fear no more because that wil never happen with one of these vegetable holder. You can stick the metal pins in every vegetable and cut with a knife between them so every slice will be even!