Top 9 Products Of The Month March

Top 9 Products Of The Month March

Alright, it's the end of the month again. That means that we're going to list up our top product of last month. And trust me, we've added some pretty awesome gadgets to our store this month! Make sure you check them all, there is even a gadget that brings the universe right in to your own hands. 

1. Gold Coated Playing Cards  

Flaunt your excessive wealth on game night when you play with the 24K gold playing cards. Certified 99.9% pure 24K gold foil plated, this lavish deck is handcrafted with utmost attention to detail and features a $100 dollar bill design on the reverse side.


2. Window Solar Charger

Use Mother Nature to your advantage with help from the solar window charger. This eco-friendly charger carries specially made solar panels that utilize natural sunlight to efficiently charge various kinds of phones. It’s great for travelling or the outdoors.


3. Moondrop Fidget Desk Toy 

Simulate the gravity on the surface of our moon, earth and mars using the Moondrop fidget toy. Made from aerospace grade materials, it’s precision engineered to imitate the speed at which an object would fall on the moon, making it a great gift for science geeks and anyone that loves toys.


4. Ninja Star Coat Hangers 


Little is known about a ninja’s personal life, but one thing we do know is that they don’t waste any tool in their weapons arsenal. These ninja star coat hangers are a clever way to hang your wearables at home, and can be installed onto just about any wall surface.


5. Magnetic Wristband

No one enjoys the taste of metal in their mouth, which is why you’ll love having the magnetic wristband on your next construction job. It conveniently holds several nails that way you can keep them at hand and out of your mouth while you hammer away.


6. Universal H6 Smartphone Projector 

Improve your driving experience by ushering your vehicle into the digital age with the smartphone heads up display system. This revolutionary accessory fits discreetly on the dashboard and works with almost any smartphone to provide real time driving information.


7. Automatic Jar Opener 

Stop wasting your time trying to open jars with those puny noodles you call arms – because now you can employ the services of the automatic jar opener and easily pop up the top of your favorite foods while weeping over your diminutive physique.


8. Snowball Fight Slingshot


Be prepared for an all out snowball war this winter with this snowball slingshot that also functions as a perfect snowball maker. Capable of launching a snowball 80 feet in distance, this heavy duty slingshot will easily make you top dog of the winter snowball battles.


9. Home Control 7 Colors Changing Led Light

Turn your morning showers into a fun psychedelic experience with the color changing shower head. Requiring no batteries or power, this unique shower head uses water pressure powered LED lights to transform the water into a cornucopia of color.