Top Gadget Of Februari

Top Gadget Of Februari

1. Feisty Pets  



If you have a pet (or child) you know how quickly the cute can turn crazy. Embrace the change with Feisty Pets, a cute plush toy that turns from darling to demonic with a quick squeeze. 

Each two-faced critter has a pair of buttons hidden inside its head that controls its facial expression. Just squeeze the back of its head and the creature will arch its eyebrows and open its mouth to reveal its vicious teeth.

The shocking transformation will give a jump and a laugh to would-be cuddlers. Releasing the button restores the pet’s cute countenance, leaving no trace of the darkness that lurks beneath the innocent exterior.


2. Keep Shirt Tucked



Also known as shirttail garters, this ingenious tool is what you will need when all things fail. Invented during the 19th century, this menswear accessory uses constant downward pressure to prevent the shirttail from billowing out.



It’s an indispensable accessory to have because it holds your shirt in place no matter what you do. So if you’re running, reaching up, bending down or dancing, it’s guaranteed to hold your shirt in place.


3. Beer Stack Base 



Get organized with your drinking addiction. The grip on this unobtrusive piece of genius allows you to stack up bottled and canned beer in a neat little pyramid so that you don’t have cans falling on your head when you go in to get a piece of cheese.


4. Bottle Lock 



Nobody will be able to steal your booze unnoticed thanks to the Bottle Lock!

Does your drinks supply visibly shrink for no clear reason? In that case, we think you are dealing with a booze thief. But why would you stand guard with a baseball bat to catch your booze thief red-handed if you can easily safeguard your supply with this handy Bottle Locks?

Just put the Bottle Lock on the neck of your favourite bottles, tightly screw the Bottle Lock on and change the 3-digit code to a code of your choice. Now you can leave your booze supply behind without having to worry about it. Because without the right code, there's not going to be any drinking!


5. Magical Super Powerful Fixate Geld Pads 



Make every day items remain perfectly in place using these stick to anything re-usable gel pads. Each washable pad is designed to be re-used over 200 times and adheres to virtually any surface without leaving behind any sticky residue.


6. Breathalyzer Alcohol Tester 



For the alcoholic on the go, the key chain breathalyzer will help you stay within the confines of the law while you drink yourself into a dark abyss. It makes a great gift idea for college students, or anyone who’s ever starred on an episode of “Intervention”.


7. Wireless Bluetooth Earpods 



What if we told you that it’s possible to live in a world where you can listen to all of your favorite music while moving around without annoying cables getting in your way? Well, thanks to the best Bluetooth earbuds, that dream is now a reality – but they may not be for everyone.


8. Hair umbrella



Get ready for that hot date Friday night by keeping your soup bowl haircut looking fresh to def’ using this hair catching barber cape. The innovative design features a raised edge that catches all the falling hair strands before they hit the floor and create a mess.