Top ten amazing Christmas gadgets

Top ten amazing Christmas gadgets

We’re already counting the days until Christmas. It’s time to buy some great presents. However, it can be quite a challenge to choose the right presents for your loved ones. Perhaps you like to surprise someone with a great gadget. With these ten amazing gadgets you will definitely amaze your family and friends.


1 – Portable solar power bank dual USB

Almost everyone uses a charger. Nowadays these tools even work on solar energy. This is a positive development, because it makes charging all kinds of devices more easy and sustainable. A portable solar power bank is definitely a great Christmas present.

Power bank
This power bank makes charging your smartphone easier than ever. It’s a practical tool that gives energy to other devices. This device is based on solar power and contains 10000 mAh. Thanks to this huge amount of energy you can fully charge your smartphone five or six times. It’s also possible to charge through USB.

Strong material
The material of this charger is very strong. It’s even resistant to water and dust. The assortment in the webshop offers charges in the colors blue, orange, black, green and white. It’s really easy to charge this power bank through USB. With this amazing gadget you’ll definitely make one of your loved ones very happy!

2 – Magnetic charging cable for smartphone and tablet

You can’t use a smartphone without a good charger. It’s really frustrating when this tool becomes defective. Luckily, you don’t have to worry because of the magnetic charging cable. This is a great alternative for a broken charger. You can give the gadget as a Christmas presents. It can been used for iOS, Android and tablet.

Gold-plated interface
This magnetic charging cable has a very stylish interface of gold. Because of this design the gadget works in a very efficient way. It also has a very long service life, so you can enjoy it for a very long time.   Or perhaps you like to make someone else happy with it during Christmas time. He or she would probably love to have this stylish present, that almost never gets broken.

Perfect for the Apple computer
Do you have an Apple computer? Then buying this magnetic charging cable is a very good idea. The gadget is able to send information to your computer in just a few seconds. Besides that, you can choose between several colors and designs. The charger is available in beautiful silver, gold or white.

3 – Smart fitness tracker for iOS and Android
Christmas time means enjoying the company of your loved ones and eating nice food. However, you might want to lose some weight in the new year. A healthy lifestyle with enough physical activity will help you to lose some pounds. The smart fitness tracker is a great gadget to help someone with losing weight. It’s also an amazing gadget to give as a Christmas present.

Great design
With this great gadget you will always have a nice present for Christmas. First of all, this wristband is made in a great design. It’s available in several colors, namely black, green, grey, blue, yellow and orange. Choose the colour that you think will fit perfectly with someone.

Several functions
The smart fitness tracker is made of very strong material. The gadget is even waterproof. This makes it perfect to use for all kind of situations. For example, you can walk and bike with the tracker for as long as you want. The wristband measures your steps and the distance you’ve walked or biked. It even shows the amount of calories you’ve burned. Besides that, the fitness tracker gives a sign when your break during the physical exercise is a bit too long.

Good choices
This gadget is a very good choice as a Christmas present for several reasons. First of all, it’s a great addition to your sports activities. Most importantly, it’s motivates someone to have physical exercise. So thanks to this present your loved ones will have a healthier lifestyle.


4 – High quality charging dock station for your Apple iPhone

An Apple iPhone is a great device with several functions. It offers the possibility to make a call, to app someone or to surf on the worldwide web. Or perhaps you like to make some high quality photos with it. However, without a high quality charging station your Apple iPhone won’t work. This gadget works with several versions of the iPhone. It also a great present for Christmas. With this dock station, you give someone an unforgettable holiday.

iPhone’s in several colours
This gadget is available for several versions of the iPhone. For example, you can use it for the iPhone 5 5S Desktop, iPhone 6Plus Desktop and the iPhone6s Plus Desktop. It’s also possible to buy it in several great colours, like black and blue. Or perhaps you like to be stylish with an iPhone charging dock station in gold, golden-pink or silver. With this charging dock station you choose a stylish high quality gadget.

Delivery time
The high quality charging dock station is very popular. You have realize the delivery will take some time. Sometimes you have to wait for weeks before it will be delivered. So order this gadget on time to give it as a present during the Christmas holidays.

5 – Silicone smart wallet for the iPhone

A telephone is a very important accessory. It’s very important that this device doesn’t get damaged. However, accidents happen. For example you let it fall on the ground. One way to protect your phone is the use of a silicone smart wallet. It’s definitely a great gift for Christmas, because almost everyone has a smartphone.

Fabric of silicone
Your phone will forever be protected because of the silicone fabric. So it’s no problem when you accidently drop it on the ground. Your phone will not be broken immediately. Of course you still have to act careful!

Several types
The silicone smart wallet is available for the iPhone and Samsung. However, you need to pay attention to the several types of wallets in the webshop. Some of them only fit with certain smartphones. For example, type 1 is only suitable with the iPad, type 2 with LG, type 3 with LETV, type 4 with Redmi and type 5 fits best with one+one.

6 – Anti-gravity iPhone case

Did you know that there is an iPhone available that defies gravity? It’s definitely an interesting gadgets. You can stick the so called ‘anti-gravity iPhone case’ very easy to glass, walls, windows and notice boards. Very practical when you need to put your iPhone somewhere very quickly. This gadget is also a great Christmas gift.

Don’t forget your iPhone anymore
Sometimes you forget things when you’re very busy. It happens a lot of times that people don’t know where they’ve put their iPhone. This can be very annoying. Thanks to the anti-gravity iPhone case you don’t have to worry about this anymore. This gadget makes it very easy to pin down your phone everywhere, for example the kitchen cabinets. Another good place is the dashboard of your car. You will notice the phone immediately.

Perfect for every iPhone user
This iPhone defies gravity because of it’s high quality. It actually never falls down. Before you give this as a Christmas present you need to know what kind of iPhone your loved one has. Luckily, this gadget is available for almost every iPhone, including the i6 6s black, i7 blue and i5 5s SE black.

Order on time
The anti-gravity iPhone case is very popular among users. Most of the time you will receive this gadget 2 to 4 weeks after ordering it. So order it on time, to wrap it up as a Christmas present.

7 – The lazy lay bag is the ultimate way to relax

After your busy working schedule it’s time to relax. With this lazy lay bag you will definitely have a great time. It’s definitely a fantastic gadget for Christmas. Or perhaps you like to surprise someone with this gadget during Sinterklaas.

Sweet dreams
There’s no better way to relax than with a lazy lay bag. It’s made of nylon, which is very strong material. This is why you can use the lay bag for a very long time. You will simply sink into the soft fabric. It’s even possible to order two lazy lay bags! Enjoy it yourself, or give it away to someone else. You can relax together during a hot summer day. The lazy lay bag has a size of 270x70 cm.

Amazing for every season
The lazy lay bag is a great gadget for every season of the year. You can place it in the living room, and relax on it during a cold winter- or autumn day. The lazy bag is a nice piece of your interior as well. You can buy the gadget in several colours, including red, purple or green. Or perhaps you like (dark) blue or black better. The lazy bag is also a great Christmas present. Always keep in mind someone’s taste and interior. This will make Christmas evening a great success.

8 – Mini portable projector

Portable projectors already exist for quite some years. After some years out of the spotlight they’ve made their comeback. It’s definitely a great and very modern Christmas gift. Nowadays you can order mini versions of the portable projectors. You can project great memories on the wall, including home videos with your family. Or perhaps you like to project a movie. The mini portable projector gives a lot of possibilities.

Clear and crisp images
The mini portable projector is very advanced. It projects images with LED light and contains a power of 240W. Because of this, the projections on the screen are clear and crisp. The portable projector offers very high quality. It also has the same size as a mobile phone. This is why you can carry this gadget very easily. So you can project nice video’s or images everywhere you go.

Someone will be very happy when receiving this gadget. Besides being compact and sustainable, it also offers extra options like a portable charger. It also uses HDMI and a 3.5 mm headphone. So this amazing gadget offers great fun for a very long time



9 – Smart key organizer

Sometimes it seems that your keys disappear in thin air. It can be very frustrating when you can’t remember where you put them. Luckily, some gadgets offer a great solution for this problem. More and more people use a smart key organizer. You can also give it as a Christmas present.

Good quality
It’s very easy to order a smart key organizer online. Within weeks you will receive it with the mail. Hopefully, you’re right on time to give it as a Christmas present. Someone will probably be very happy with this nice gadget. It’s made of very strong aluminium and steel. This is why you can use the smart key organizer for a very long time. The very small size also makes it easy to carry the gadget with you.

Striking colours
The smart key organizer makes it almost impossible to lose keys. This gadget uses very bright colours like orange, red or green. Or perhaps you like to prefer a stylish colour like black or gold. The choice is up to you of course. The smart key organizer definitely makes live a little bit easier.



10 – Multitool repair kit

It’s always easy to have a repair kit. You can use it for several jobs in- and around the house. A multitool repair kit is also a great Christmas gift. It contains sockets, wrenches and several locking mechanisms. Being a handyman is suddenly a lot more fun!

Great gift for the handyman
Every handyman can use this multitool repair kit. Or perhaps you think your friend or family member should do some jobs in- and around the house. This repair kit makes it possible to fix a leaking tap or to remove some screws. So it’s a very practical and useful gift. Thanks to this repair kit you no longer have to search for individual tools. You can simply find them together in one set.

Great Christmas gift
Some parts of this multitool repair kit look quite complex. However, practice makes perfect. The so called ‘Gator Grip’ is a good example of this. It’s a universal tool that can be fastened on old and rusty nuts and bolts. It’s a very practical gadget to use for your car, motor or boat. So not surprisingly, this multitool repair kit is a great Christmas gift for every handyman.